‘You Could Feel the Evil Spirits at Work,’ Pastor Recalls One Year After Pulse

It was a year ago today. I was boarding an early-morning flight to Los Angeles when I saw on the news on the in-flight TV of the horrific terror attack on the Pulse gay and lesbian nightclub in Orlando. My heart sank as I watched the havoc caused by hate and evil spill over onto the streets of that city. I finished my ministry commitment and boarded the next flight to Orlando.

It was my first time in an atmosphere like that. There was heightened demonic resistance at the scene of the attack; I could feel it when we turned onto Orange Avenue. Police had blocked off the roads, and reporters and news cameras were everywhere. You could feel evil spirits at work. Some pastor friends and myself met down at the scene of the shooting and began to pray. We didn’t have a hidden agenda or ulterior motives but just went to simply pray into the city and for those affected. Our assignment was to bring light into darkness and let the love of God burn bright in a dark world.

As the weeks and months following this terrorist attack passed on, pain and confusion were still fresh in people’s mind. What was clear is that the church and gay community were not on the same page. There still is a great divide today. The gay community wants the church to abandon clear, sound doctrine to embrace sexual orientation, desires or preference. The church continues to lack love and compassion while looking down on those whom they determined to have greater sin than their own. All of us are sinners in need of the same Savior. We must begin to embrace the internal dilemma of loving the person who is engaged in sin without embracing and affirming the sin. The church hasn’t done the greatest job of this over the years.

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