10 Reasons Barack Obama Was America’s Worst President

Looking back over history, there have been numerous books and articles rating our United States presidents. Various criteria are considered along with the obvious subjective element.

From the title, the reader knows whom I believe places last. From a biblically informed perspective there are 10 reasons for the unfavorable ranking. They’re listed following three disclaimers.

  1. When Barack Obama came into office launching his “fundamental transformation of America,” I had a strong sense of foreboding yet prayed for him daily, repeatedly affirmed his God-given gifts and spoke of him respectfully.
  2. I tried to separate the person from his positions in evaluating our former president in light of Scripture and tried to not be influenced by his charismatic personality or persuasive communication skills.
  3. I was intentional in not giving him a pass because of our past racial history, as many in the media did, risking the standard liberal accusation of “bigot.”

Since Barack Obama left office, I want God’s best for him and have continued praying for him and his family every day. As a 40-year board member of Intercessors for America national prayer ministry, I encourage others to do likewise.

Best and Worst Presidents

When people list America’s best presidents, we usually hear George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson and Teddy Roosevelt; there’s a reason they’re on Mount Rushmore. We also may hear the names of Truman, Monroe, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Eisenhower.

Listed among the worst presidents are usually James Buchanan, who allowed the spread of slavery and the Confederacy; Warren G. Harding, whose administration was riddled with scandal; Herbert Hoover, who exacerbated the Depression; Andrew Johnson, who opposed Reconstruction, barely surviving impeachment; Franklin Pierce who added slave states, setting the stage for the Civil War; and Richard Nixon, who’s forever identified with Watergate.

A number of these unfortunate ones were admittedly dealing with the issue of slavery or had little time in office to achieve anything substantial. For example, William Harrison was commander in chief for just 30 days.

Biblically informed, not emotionally driven, I humbly submit these 10 reasons Barack Obama was America’s worst president:

1. He presented himself as an authentic Christian, yet his life revealed a counterfeit convert, bringing reproach to the cause of Christ worldwide.

Jesus taught seven distinguishing marks of a genuine Christian. He also said, “Even so, every good tree bears good fruit. But a corrupt tree bears evil fruit” (Matt.7:17).

Examining the beliefs, policies and character of Barack Obama reveals a compromising, deceived man not living according to biblical teachings in numerous consequential areas. He led millions to follow his wayward ways and, like all of us, will one day give an account to God.

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