5 Reasons Even Pro-Life Evangelicals Should Applaud President Obama

I only caught the end of President Obama’s farewell speech, a few minutes of moving and loving words to his wife and daughters. It brought to mind five reasons why I, as a pro-life evangelical Christian, appreciate President Obama.

To be honest, I’ve supported few of his policies over two terms—particularly how he ignored the innocent lives lost to abortion. Yet knowing lives are also tragically devalued by careless police actions, abandonment and other means, we can perhaps see his time in office accomplished some good.

While next week will be a moment to celebrate and believe the best of President Donald Trump, this farewell speech gives us a moment to do our honest best to honor President Barack Obama.

1. His Powerful Speech at the 9/11 Memorial in 2011

Back in 2011, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg insisted that no chaplain, priest, rabbi or pastor be allowed to pray at this important 10-year memorial ceremony at Ground Zero—despite the undeniable role of faith driving our nation’s rescue and recovery from 9/11.

What does President Obama do? He stepped up to the podium, read only the text of Psalm 46 as his speech, then sat down. Drop mic.

Followed by President George W. Bush offering his own prayers, it was a moment where our nation’s Judeo-Christian heritage really shone.

2. President Obama’s Affection for and Commitment to His Wife and Daughters

From Day One, he has shown the world he is a devoted husband and father. The author of First Dads shares of a conversation then-Senator Obama had with a senior aide on the campaign trail: “‘I miss my girls,’ Obama said as tears welled up. ‘I don’t want to be the kind of father I had.'”

Making quality time for marriage and family isn’t easy for anyone—much less the leader of the free world. In this, President Obama is an example to us all.

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