LGBT Activists Target Pastor with Death Threats and Feces Over a Facebook Emoji

A pastor who leads a Christian ministry that vowed to ban anyone who posts the rainbow flag emoji to its Facebook page says LGBT activists have inundated his inbox, mailbox and phone lines with gay porn and threatening messages. They even keyed his car.

The Facebook page “Warriors for Christ,” which has nearly 200,000 followers, made headlines last month after it was reported by blogger Hemant Mehta, the “Friendly Atheist,” that anyone who posts a rainbow flag emoji on the Facebook page would be “instantly” banned from the page.

Pastor Rich Penkoski, a West Virginia resident who is the leader of the Facebook page and it’s pre-denominational ministry, told The Christian Post on Thursday that he and his colleagues have banned over 900,000 different Facebook users in the last month.

“The thing about the rainbow flag is nobody asked why we didn’t want it on our page. The issue was that the rainbow emoji is a pride symbol for homosexuality and we are a Christian ministry,” Penkoski said. “We don’t celebrate sin and we are not going to embrace it now. We know, as Christians, that sin leads to death.”

However, it’s not just the use of the rainbow flag emoji that is concerning Penkoski and his nine-or-so colleagues affiliated with the ministry.

“The ‘Friendly Atheist’ character wrote a blog about us and it snowballed from there. Every single online gay blog or newspapers, they all picked it up and went with their version of it. We got hammered. It must have been overnight. We banned over 900,000 people,” Penkoski added. “We received messages of ‘You should die,’ ‘Go kill yourself.'”

Penkoski said he even had to change his home address to that of the local police station because of the “threats we were getting.”

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