In my video series The Truth Behind Hip Hop, I talked about Snoop Dogg selling his soul to the devil in his song “Murda was the case”. In this song, he described how the devil revived him after he was murdered so he could serve him with his music! Since then Snoop Dogg has released album after album of sinful music that promotes the devil, sin, and perversion. He is famous for being high most of the time and throwing up gang signs every chance he gets. Snoop Dogg also currently produces a line of porn videos through Hustler called “Snoop Dogg’s Doggystyle”. He promotes these videos and also uncut sexually explicit music videos through Hustler Video and Playboy.

Snoop has truly done what he promised the devil he would do. But as I taught in The Truth Behind Hip Hop, the devil is never satisfied with just promoting sin to sinners. The devil wants THE CHURCH! He wants his place back. That’s why he’s always trying to get the music of the church and join forces with church recording artists. Kirk Franklin and Kanye West. Kim Burrell and Jay Z. Tasha Cobb and Nicki Minaj. And now Fred Hammond and Snoop Dogg.

Fred Hammond is shouting out to Chance The Rapper and Snoop Dogg on his twitter account and promoting the fact that he is on Snoop Doggs “gospel” album that he is releasing? Why are these artists doing this? It’s because the devil wants them to. There is no way God would ever promote a person like Snoop Dogg to his people because Snoop promotes the very thing that caused His son to be crucified! Just like Fred Hammond used to sing when he was with Commissioned, “Let’s Not Crucify Him Again”. Heb. 6:6

Each time these gospel singers join forces with the enemy, they trivialized the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ for the sake of some hand claps and record sales. It’s sad to see, but I have been warning the body of Christ that this day was coming for many years. All of our videos prophesied these events years ago and we have shown you proof that this is the devil’s doing. I recommend that you go back through your Truth Behind Hip Hop collection and revisit these things so you will not be caught off guard but you will see that this is the beginning of sorrows for the church. We must pray for our children and protect them from these predators that mix the holy with the profane for the sake of their own promotion. This is what the devil did when he was in heaven and his agenda has not changed. Watch and pray. Our redemption draweth nigh!

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