Transgender “Man” Gives Birth, Doctors Predict “Womb Transplant” Coming Soon

Do you think men should be having babies? Years ago, I remember being told that someday we would see these sorts of headlines, but such a thing seemed so impossible to me at the time.

Well, now it is actually happening.

Over in the U.K., a 21-year-old British man named Hayden Cross has just given birth to a baby girl. But of course, Hayden was not actually born a man. Hayden used to be known as “Paige Cross” but eventually made a decision to embrace a transgender lifestyle. However, Hayden put his transition on hold in order to become pregnant and give birth.

Now that the birthing experience is over, Hayden plans to “complete his gender realignment as soon as possible.” The following comes from a major British news source:

Hayden, born Paige, gave birth by caesarean.

He put his transition on hold to fall pregnant by a sperm donor.

Cradling his daughter, the beaming parent said: “She’s perfect in every way.”

And he told The Sun: “She is so good. I’m so lucky.”

Following the birth, Hayden now plans to return to complete his gender realignment as soon as possible.

The proud father was born a girl, Paige, 21 years ago.
The reason this story is getting so much attention is because this is something entirely new, but if doctors have their way, men all over the world may soon be getting pregnant.

That is because fertility researchers are “working on womb transplant procedures” that would theoretically allow any man to have a baby:

Fertility doctors in the U.K. are reportedly working on womb transplant procedures that would allow transgender people born as males, and also other men, to have babies.

Moreover, National Health Service doctors told The Mail on Sunday that taxpayers should fund such transplants, citing “equality enshrined in law.”

Dr. Amel Alghrani of Liverpool University said that such a transplant procedure is a real possibility and explained that it could help not only transgender women have children but also gay and straight men who “wanted to experience the joys of carrying a child.”
So if a man had a womb transplant and still wanted to be known as a man, what would be the proper way to identify such a person?

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