Video: Was America Founded to be Secular?

While many people today would argue that secularism is necessary in a free society, the fact is America was founded on Judeo-Christian principles which the Founders saw as essential to maintaining civil society.

Joshua Charles, author of Liberty’s Secrets, explains in PragerU’s latest video that the Founders understood that a society can only remain free if its people embrace moral values based in the belief in a higher power which work to keep individuals in check.

“The Founders knew that the absolute enemy of freedom was — ironically — freedom that was absolute and unrestrained,” said Charles. “And where was this restraint going to come from? Their answer was religion, which for them — because of when and where they lived — was some variety of Christianity.”

Here are some quotes that Charles cites from some of the prominent Founders:

“Let Divines, and Philosophers, Statesmen and Patriots unite,” Samuel Adams wrote, “[in] instructing [citizens] in the Art of self-government … in short, of leading them in the Study, and Practice of the exalted Virtues of the Christian system.” The Christian system to which Adams refers is composed of Judeo-Christian values — the values rooted in the Old and New Testaments, both of which were referred to by the Founders with equal conviction and frequency.

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