Biblical Beards: Should Christian Men Have Fac

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What does the Bible say about growing a beard? Should a Christian man in today’s society really grow a beard, or is it a sin to grow a beard? Is a beard required to be saved? Are you living in sin if you shave, or will you lose your salvation? What about churches that frown on beards or facial hair? These are interesting questions to ponder, and luckily, the Bible does have some material to draw upon for this study from both the New Testament and Old Testament.

This article will include what the Bible has to say about beards, list some men of the Bible who definitely had beards, and reveal how men should conduct their “man-scaping” (grooming) in a modern society.

Why An Article on Beards?

In today’s society, Satan is working overtime to blur the lines between a man and a woman. It is not uncommon today to see women who look just like men (both in dress, mannerisms, and hair styles). Likewise, some men wear makeup, and dress and act very effeminately with long hair and odd clothing. There are tax deductions available for those seeking “gender reassignment surgery,” and an ever growing number of transvestites and gender confusion. It seems society is getting more and more confused about the differences between a man and a woman.

God has naturally given men and women glorious distinctions, that when viewed from God’s perspective, reveal His creative power and love for both men and women as His unique children. Men and women are always equal in the eyes of God, but not the SAME. Consider these two equations: 2+2=4, and 1+3=4. Both of those equations are equal, but they most certainly are not the same. So it is with man and woman.

Satan has successfully confused people in many ways by trying to make women more manly, and men more womanly. One way Satan has done this is to make society have a more negative view on beards, as well as other gender distinctions.

What’s worse, some heretical “churches” or “cults” actually frown on men having any facial hair at all in today’s age. Can you believe it? How nonsensical is that? I’ve talked to at least a few Jehovah’s witnesses which indicated this was the case, and also other cults and false prophets “frown-on” men growing beards or facial hair. That’s one of the first sure-fire signs you’re in a cult–when they force you to do something that’s not in the Bible, or tell you not to do something that is Biblical.

In addition, this article will discuss some Old Testament passages which speak out against trimming your beard in a certain way, which have confused some people. So with all of those things in mind, here are a few general principles for you to keep in mind as you read this article:


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