Christianity, President Trump, the Alt-Right, and ANTIFA

If you haven’t heard about the violence that happened in Charlottesville, VA over the weekend (12 August 2017), you probably live under a rock or in a cave separated from society and social media. In that case, you may also be better off than the rest of us. What happened was a group of white nationalists (or as they should be called neo-Nazis, alt-right) came together to protest in a rally called, “Unite the Right.” In response, Black Lives Matter  ANTIFA members were bussed into the city to counter-protest. The result was violence and lots of it. A car plowed into the crowd and killed a person, and dozens more were injured in the violence.

First, let’s discuss the Alt-Right. They’re an evil movement that without question does not support anything resembling conservativism, constitutionalism, and Christianity. With the help of the media, they have been able to portray themselves as a large, powerful sect of the Right. Largely, they’re a fringe movement that is tech savvy and reside on 4chan, Reddit, and other sites. Their platform is basically anything Richard Spencer, Jared Taylor, and Vox Day say when given a platform. Unfortunately, somewhere and somehow they were not written off by politicians because they portrayed themselves as a group that could make a difference. The alt-right was given a voice that it should not have been given. This voice is fueled by politicians that pander to them and the media’s attention to the movement.

To these white supremacists and Nazis, we will pray for you that the hatred within your heart, that is based upon the color of someone’s skin and culture, will be done away with. America fought against people like you on a battlefield over 70 years ago. Your ideology and forerunners were obliterated, tried, and executed at Nuremberg. For whatever completely idiotic reason, you have chosen to take up the flag of hatred and anti-Semitism. Nazism is a work of Satan and Hell, and the Allies sent it back to the pits of Hell in 1945.

Some of the people within this group may not even care about the position or stance of Nazism and the alt-right. Instead, it is a way for them to garner attention or feel part of a group, which makes everything even worse. Then, it isn’t even because they believe it. It’s because it’s a game to them, whether for attention or popularity. Nazism and white supremacy are not a game. As I said, those ideologies are the spawn of Hell. Unfortunately, the Alt-Right throws its support behind President Trump. Trump has said that the violence that occurred should not happen in America. He’s right. For some this was not enough; for me, it worked. In either case, the Alt-Right’s support of Donald Trump makes his administration susceptible to the evils of the Alt-Right. (Sorry, but that’s true.)

What happened in Charlottesville, VA was NOT Donald Trump’s fault. He is not a white supremacist, nor does he condone the violence that broke loose when ANTIFA, BLM, and the White Supremacists met in the streets. (Honestly, what else did the city and the police expect?)

The danger lies, however, in progressive Leftists labeling anything and anyone with the appearance or beliefs of conservatism as “alt-right.” Essentially, this labels everyone on the right as an alt-right, white supremacist, which we know is completely false. In addition, ANTIFA claims itself as an “anti-Fascist” group. Anytime they have come together, however, we see that their ideology is that if a voice that contradicts their ideas is present; they’re attacked viciously and labeled as fascists, racists, and whatever else they might come up with. ANTIFA is the same kind of group that rioted, tore their campus apart, and made themselves look like absolute fools when a conservative voice that disagreed with them was scheduled to speak on campus at Berkley. This group does essentially what communists (and fascists) do – shut down any ideology or voice that contradicts them. Those actions are a direct violation of free speech.

Extreme left-wing groups like ANTIFA have done an impeccable and scary job of convincing the younger generation that conservatism is bad in pretty much every case. The people they’ve stopped from speaking range from Ann Coulter and Ben Shapiro to more controversial people like Milo Yiannopolous.

Therefore, all of these groups are dangerous to our democratic republic, Trump’s administration, and future generations. They are part of the same bird, and that should be absolutely terrifying to everyone involved (or with a brain). Without a strong, sweeping condemnation of both sides by politicians (whether Republican or Democrat) the violence will continue to grow and ignite between these two terrible groups that have deceived young and old people alike.

Perhaps even more terrifying is the polarization of this entire situation because neither side is good for the country. Both have the potential to be extremely violent, and in a nation that is already busting at the seams with tension, it’s a dangerous situation. So, to those who do not support either side and know both are terrible, pray and fast for the nation before it is too late. May God save this nation from the nosedive of chaos, polarization, division that we are in; and may God save this untoward generation that is so confused and lost in hatred for the other side. May it be that there is chaos in my day if it means that my children’s America will be a more united, moral, and stable nation. We were called for such a time as this, and we have the most powerful weapon in the world: prayer and fasting that feeds the faith to move mountains. Do not be deceived by the ideologies and doctrines of these two sides; the enemy is out to kill, steal, and destroy. This weekend proves these two sides come from Hell and the degenerative human mind.

This is exactly why Apostle Peter said in 1 Peter 5:8, “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.” He was not just referring to substances. He’s also referring to ideologies and extremism. Do not be swayed by these doctrines and ideologies. Be level-headed, brothers and sisters. Stay sober and vigilant that we do not fall victim to these terrible ideologies and doctrines.