Don’t Let Them Silence Us!

I’m not a conspiratorialist, and I don’t believe the sky is falling. But I do know that some major players on the left are trying to silence many of us on the right. Our views are considered toxic and dangerous and discriminatory and hateful. Our views, we are told, belong to a bygone, bigoted era and do not deserve a hearing. Our views, in short, must be suppressed and silenced, and those who dissent will be punished.

The recent events at Google, with the firing of James Damore for his manifesto on viewpoint diversity, along with Google’s announcement that it will be working with the ADL to flag “controversial” videos on YouTube, should be a loud and clear warning to any who are still in denial.

But it is not just Google and YouTube that are controlled by leftwing progressives. The same is true for Facebook and Twitter, among other internet giants. If they decide that our views are unacceptable, the consequences will be massive.

Every day, my team and I use the AskDrBrown Facebook page, which has more than 535,000 fans, to share all kinds of content, from memes and livestream talks to links to our latest articles and videos. On several occasions, Facebook has shut us down or denied us access to the page after complaints about one of our posts.

Every time, they have subsequently apologized and restored our access, but when things were down, it crippled much of our communication. What if they decide to shut us down for good?

I also have friends whose Facebook pages have been shut down because of “unacceptable” content, specifically, posting what Scripture and medical science say about homosexual practice. To this day, those pages are closed.

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