Kindergarteners Scared They Will Be ‘Turned into Boys’ After School’s Transgender Celebration

The parents of kindergarten students at a Rocklin, California school are outraged after a teacher staged a “transition ceremony” in class for a five-year-old boy without informing them.

A Rocklin Academy Gateway school teacher gave a lesson on transgenderism because a student was transitioning from a boy to a girl.

Ankur Dhawan’s 5-year-old daughter attended school that day and told her mother what happened in class.

She said, ‘Well, we learned about a girl in a boy’s body,'” Dhawan told Fox News.

According to Life Site News, the teacher read, “I am Jazz” and “The Red Crayon” to jump-start a discussion on transgenderism with the five-year-olds.

Johnathan Keller, an advisor with the California Family Council, a Focus on the Family-founded group, told the news outlet that the teacher had a ceremony.

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