Tauren Wells Says “Grateful” for Chance to Tour with Secular Artists

Tauren Wells, formerly of Royal Tailor and singer of hit song “Hills and Valleys”, recently made a Facebook post talking about his experiences as a Christian artist being given an opportunity to tour with secular musicians such as Lionel Richie. Mr. Wells’ comments in their entirety are as follows:

I’m grateful for the opportunity Mr. Richie has given me to share my music and my faith on his tour! He had several different artists to choose from and he happened to choose me. What an honor! I thank God for it. I also think it says a lot about the kind of person Mr. Richie is to allow my perspective to be shared from his platform. It’s an amazing opportunity. I have great respect for him as an artist and for affording me this moment.

Being a Christian Artist is an interesting occupation in that we typically only operate almost exclusively in overtly Christian circles, churches, and Christian events (which I support, love, and think are important and biblical). However, most other Christians with more typical occupations operate in a corporate environment with no religious or faith element — a “secular” environment (in which, some are legally restricted from even sharing their faith). No one typically sees the latter as controversial. Most don’t even think about it.

Some folks have taken issue with Christian Artists working in a secular environment while they work in secular environments everyday. This is obviously contradictory. In order for salt to fulfill its purpose it has to make contact. In order for light to fulfill its purpose it has to be present in darkness. Separation from the world and DISTANCE from the world are not the same thing. I can be separate from the world AND present in it, fulfilling God’s mission and calling. I cannot be separate from the world AND distant from it and fulfill God’s mission and calling.

53% of America will NEVER COME TO CHURCH. Does God love and want relationship with them? I think so. How do we get to them if they aren’t coming to us? I think the answer is following our ultimate example; Jesus.

He. Came. To. Us.

The world may not always come to the church but the church can always go to the world. Thank you God, for choosing me.

Thank you for your love, support, and trust.


What do you think? Does he have a point? Or is he missing the purpose and losing the separation from the world we should be having?

Source: Tauren Wells’ Facebook Page