UPDATE: Did Joel Osteen Really Deny Hurricane Victims Shelter? Probably Not

On Monday, megachurch pastor Joel Osteen came under heavy fire on social media for allegedly not opening up his 16,800-seat arena church to provide shelter to displaced Hurricane Harvey victims.

The narrative, mostly pushed by leftists, claimed that the celebrity pastor, known for preaching the “prosperity gospel” — and who lives in a mansion — cruelly closed his church doors and forced hordes of wet and hungry souls to suffer the wrath of Hurricane Harvey. Below are some of the photos circulated:

Though we highlighted the controversy here at Daily Wire, our report did give Osteen credit for aiding past relief efforts in the Houston area, and we did note that the neighboring roads were flooded, thus making the church inaccessible by conventional means.

Now that the full story is slowly coming to light, it appears that the narrative pushed on social media portraying Osteen as some stingy hypocrite completely detached from the suffering of others may not be entirely true.

According to a report on CBN, the doors at Lakewood Church were closed, but only after the church first consulted with the city on how it can aid in the hurricane effort. The church’s spokesman, Don Iloff, claims that the building was prone to flooding and that they chose to focus their energies elsewhere by serving as a food and resource distribution center. Osteen also personally directed people to donate to Samaritan’s Purse to aid in the relief effort.

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