Whites Only?

Great, another art project.

My restless peers fought over the red, purple, and green crayons to color in Joseph’s coat, and the yellow crayon to enliven the sun. I counted the minutes until I could leave.

During my youth Sunday school days, I remember noticing that the kids in my youth group rarely colored in the people. Eve’s apple, Noah’s animals, and Moses’s parting sea were all vibrant with color, but the people remained as white as the paper.

No one ever fought over the black, brown, or tan crayons.

Whites Only?

Historically adults have not fought over the brown crayons either, at least in the West. Jesus has had flowing brown hair, sky blue eyes, and white skin for centuries. But while the assumption seems harmless in majority culture, the father of lies has devastated inner-city minorities with this little, white lie.

You can hear Satan’s hiss in a friend’s comment to me recently, from one black man to another, “Christianity is a white man’s religion.” His warning was clear to anyone with cultural sensitivities: Don’t sell out.

To follow the Jewish Messiah into a gospel-preaching community — where most of the brothers and sisters were white — was to relinquish the only possession that white imperialism hadn’t taken yet: my soul.

And my friend is not alone.

The father of lies devours minority souls, barring them from the gospel of grace and eternal life, simply by whispering, “Christianity isn’t for you. Whites only.”

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