Couple who sued Kim Davis owed $225K ruled by Kentucky Judge

Taxpayers are on the hook for $225,000 after the legal battle between a homosexual couple and Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis. Judge David Bunning, US District judge, ruled and reaffirmed his previous ruling going against the request of Governor Matt Bevin to reconsider the ruling. Kim Davis was catapulted to the spotlight in 2015 after the Supreme Court ruled for a national recognition of same-sex marriage. The couple sued the clerk when she refused to sign the marriage certificate citing religious conviction and the 2004 state “constitutional amendment 1″ passed in 2004 with 75% of the state voting in favor of the amendment.

The court case has ruled the state of Kentucky, not the county must pay for the court cost. This did not fall onto the county because it was a personal decision by Kim Davis to fight the supreme court ruling. April 2016 Governor Bevin signed a law to alter marriage license which removed county clerk’s name. This action was approved by Kim Davis. She is quoted as saying “I am pleased that I can continue to serve my community as the Rowan County Clerk without having to sacrifice my religious convictions and conscience,” after the law was signed.

Kim Davis is a well-known Oneness Apostolic and with her catapult to fame she opened the door for others to ask about her clothing, namely her skirts and long hair. This allowed many Apostolics to share their faith.  United Pentecostal Church International’s superintendent David Bernard even addressed the issue in a facebook post. Although not the best situation to push the Apostolics to the forefront it has allowed many to learn about the culture and the UPC.

You can read more about this at NBC