Have Evangelical Leaders Become Disciples of Donald Trump?

A headline on the conservative, RedState website announces, “Trump’s Cheap ‘Merry Christmas’ Christianity Continues to Sway Evangelicals.” Is this true?

According to Kimberly Ross, “Last year, congregants at the Church of Trump stormed into polling places nationwide and voted a godless reality star into the highest office in the land.”

But that was only the beginning. Since then, Ross claims, “It’s been crystal-clear that too many evangelical Trump supporters have not only placed their political faith in the real estate magnate; they have become sold-out disciples for him. It seems as if, in their eyes, the GOP and Christianity are interchangeable.”

What prompted Ross to pen this article now, in Oct. 2017? It was President Trump’s appearance at FRC’s Values Voter’s Summit. He was the first sitting president to speak at this annual D.C. summit, and he received a thunderous response when he made clear that we would be saying, “Merry Christmas” again. In the words of Ross, “Home run! And the crowd … goes … wild.”

Yes, “The proud, starry-eyed evangelicals who cast their ballot for the Christian-in-chief believe Trump has miraculously brought faith back to the nation.

“And that is all that matters.”

Is Ross being fair? Yes and no—and that is a very big no.

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