I Was Made For More Than Fear & Anxiety.

Anxiety. This word has a meaning for everyone. For some, this word makes you shiver as memories flash before your mind. I am definitely this person. For years of my life, I hadn’t struggled with anxiety or fear. But, the enemy chose to target & attack me when I was fifteen. Maybe he has chosen to target & attack you too. If you are this person, THIS post is for YOU.

My Story 

As I stood up, I knew something wasn’t right. The room began to spin, I began to feel my body become ice cold & all I could think to say was “JESUS” before I hit the floor. The first time I passed out was simply because I stood up too fast after getting a shot at the doctors office. But the feelings of fear & anxiety then tried to cling to me from then on. After months of being sick, we found out I have a dairy/gluten intolerance which was causing my body to be sick daily & not to respond right. Being sick all of the time, not only caused anxiety, but also lots of loneliness, hopelessness & doubt. But it still leaves me in awe to know that the one who died to set me free was waiting with arms wide open for me to run back to Him. He can calm all my fears with His love. 

Over time I found out that lots of things trigger anxiety for me: certain smells, big crowds of people, loud or strange noises, they can all make me feel dizzy & sick & anxious every time. At first, I wouldn’t have recognized this was anxiety & fear. I just thought maybe people were being too loud or a noise just startled me, but as I began to evaluate my thoughts & feelings, I noticed a pattern: my heart wasn’t trusting in my faithful King. I didn’t have faith, that He was faithful. I automatically began assuming the worst things possible: I’m going to pass out, everyone is going to make fun of me, I’m going to fail, something’s wrong with me… so many lies filled my mind as I desperately tried to push them away. But you can’t fight a battle without weapons & armor. & I was fighting with the wrong armor.

You can’t overcome evil with evil. & you can’t overcome fear with fear. You must overcome evil with good & fear with faith. I had to be clothed in armor, to fight the battles God’s way. Let’s take a look at His armor in Ephesians 6:10-18.

The Armor Of God 

Belt of TRUTH ~ The Bible holds so much truths about fear & God’s faithfulness. When we see anxiety or fear from God’s perspective, we can see it as simply a powerless attack from the enemy. You might be thinking, “ha, doesn’t seem powerless to me.” But the enemy only holds as much power as you give him in your life. GOD IS GREATER & He lives in you!! You can do ALL things through Him, even overcome fear. (Philippians 4:13)

Breastplate of RIGHTEOUSNESS ~ What is righteousness? It means “the quality of being right”. God has a specific set of rules & laws He has commanded us to follow. My friend once shared a perspective in a book that talked about obeying God’s rules. In my own remembrance, this is what it said. “Some view holiness & doing right as a prison to keep them from have any ‘fun’. But rather than a prison to keep you from doing things, it’s rather a place of protection to keep the powers of darkness out of your life.” He commands us to walk in light & not in dark, not because He wants to keep us from something good (remember the story of Eve & the serpent – she believed by disobeying God’s commands that she would indulge in something good, but obviously that wasn’t the case), but rather He commands that of us so the powers of darkness cannot hold onto YOU.


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