Why Do Bad Things Happen- Jared Humphers // JNN Original

Now chances are, you’ve had something bad happen to you recently. And it’s not just you. No matter how big or small those things are, bad things happen to everyone, good or bad.

People ask the logical question “why?” all the time. Why do bad things happen? Surely if God created the universe, He could stop a storm or something. I mean, if He really does love us, why does He allow so much bad to happen? It’s a question that’s stumped a lot of people.

So, to answer your question of why God allows bad things to happen, here is your answer:

No one really knows the whole answer.

I don’t know why God would let one family’s home flood, but keep another family safe. The reality is good and bad things happen to everyone. We see things from a very finite perspective.

Life is a lot like a puzzle. When you’ve only got part of it done, it’s tough to see how it’s all going to fit together and look good. We see only a part of our life, while God sees the completed picture. Things happen that we just don’t understand. When that happens, our only option is to trust that God is working on something, and that He has it under control.

Romans 8:28 says that God will work everything out for good. Notice He doesn’t say there won’t be pain or disappointment, but He did promise that He’ll make sure good wins out in the end.

Now, I’m not saying just throw your hands in the air and do nothing. That’s actually one of the worst things you could do. What I am saying is this: try looking for ways to help make the situation better. Ask yourself, “what can I do to help make this better?” After you’ve done what you can, leave the rest up to God.

When you look at the story of Joseph, he could’ve easily given up several times when bad things kept happening just when it looked like things were working out. But if he would’ve quit, think about how many people would’ve died because they wouldn’t have been ready for the famine. God uses bad situations for good all the time.

Here’s another tip: don’t ignore the bad things that happen. Use those bad situations to help others and do good things for people. Yes, things like Hurricane Harvey hurt a lot of people, but look at how it’s brought the community together.

I know it’s tough, but when something bad happens, your best option is to trust God, and make the best of a bad situation. Believe me, good things do come out of bad situations.

So to wrap this all up, it’s still a mystery why God allows bad things to happen, but you can be sure that He has a plan. No matter how bad it seems, know that God always has a plan, and He will always make sure you’re taken care of. He hasn’t failed us yet.

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