What does the energizer bunny have in common with “Jesus Only” ??

Yesterday I asked this question on Facebook. Today I’ll give the answer!!

This is one of those freakonomics topics. Two almost seemingly random things and show what thy have in common. The book opens up with “what does sumo wrestlers and teacher have in common?”  If you’re into economics in any way it’s a good read.

All right so the energizer bunny keep going and going and going and going. It’s notorious for never letting up and never slowing down. This little bunny keeps rolling along beating to it’s own drum like it was designed to do. The mascot was actually born out of marketing campaign against energizer. They ended up taking it and going with it.

The term “Jesus only”. Was birthed out of the new issue during the early 1900 schisms that arose in the disagreement in baptism and consequently godhead view. This is the issue that ultimately lead up to the split with the Assemblies of God.  During this time other size started calling the oneness Jesus Only.  In return the oneness called the other side Trinitarians. This birthed new terms.

Two unlikely things we encounter but had similar births.  The world is so interesting! Both of these terms were born out trying to insult the other side! However both end up being a key of identification. I just wanted to share this fascinating part of history!!

What’s awesome about both!? They’re Both still going!