Are You Trashing God’s Property?

Recently, I was researching a nutritional article when I came across this photo of a garbage bag on a plate.

The author was saying that many people complain of weight gain, low energy, mood swings and other negative symptoms.

However, their diets consist of nutritional garbage.

That gets your attention, doesn’t it?

Imagine this: Suppose you owned a property. You’d taken time to fix it up, paint it, landscape it and make it look really nice.

A lady approaches you about renting it. You agree, and she becomes your tenant.

Some months later, you check on the property. But what is this?

The yard is overgrown. Trash is strewn all over. When you go inside, holes are in the walls and dirty dishes are in the sink.

Roaches are crawling everywhere. The tub and toilet look like they’ve never been cleaned.

The property you took such care in restoring shows no sign of that now.

Would you say that tenant appreciated your property?

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