The Biblical Case for the Jerusalem Embassy

Why is it important to Christians that President Trump moved the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem?

First, let me say that this move is a promise kept by President Trump, and as Christians, we are grateful and appreciative that he kept his word on such a critical issue. This is something that has been anticipated for a long time—previous presidents have promised that the U.S. Embassy would be moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem—and President Trump is the one who has followed through with that promise. It’s something Christians have long prayed for because we believe Jerusalem is the historic capital of Israel. In history, from Old Testament times to New Testament times, Jerusalem has been the capital of the Jewish people. On this, the 70th anniversary of the founding of the State of Israel, it’s so significant that we celebrate with Jewish friends this great and historic and symbolic triumph.

Why is it important to Christians that the U.S. has a pro-Israel policy?

The Bible says that God has promised to bless those who bless Israel; and in great part, America has been blessed because of its support of Israel from its re-beginning 70 years ago until this day.

Israel is our No. 1 ally in the Middle East and has been for a generation. We love the Jewish people as well as all people in the Middle East. And we look forward to a peace and a future that will be established.

On my many trips to Israel, including my most recent one three months ago, I have found that the Jewish people are so very grateful for America’s strong stand in support of Israel in these trying times.

What impact do you think it will have on the relationship between the U.S. and Israel going forward?

The relationship is certainly strengthened. And with missiles, even today, aimed at Israel, it’s important that the United States and Israel stand strong against terrorism. The move will enable Israel to have a confidence in American leadership and the people of this country to support them.

But it’s important to also keep in mind that Christians care deeply for the Palestinian people. Christian organizations are working night and day in support of all people in the Middle East. We have been active in ministering to refugees and supporting all those who oppose terrorism. God loves all people and, as believers, we do as well, so we minister to the hurting throughout the world.

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