Saving Seats or Saving Souls?

By: Layne Pass
As a young man who grew up in church, I’ve seen a lot. I’ve seen my church split, which sadly happens to most churches who are trying to follow the entire Bible. As people enter, and choose to believe partial truth, in doctrine or otherwise, instead of the whole truth. They try and get comfortable with what they choose as their truth, which has been a recent epidemic as people like Oprah have said you choose what is true, which in fact is false. A truth is a definitive answer or resolve that can not be changed because it is completely and utterly correct on how a incident or thing came to be. So when people come into church with a partial belief instead of whole doctrine belief, the true believers separate themselves, or the accusers try and overthrow the church and place someone over it that is unfit and believes similar to what they do.
It would be much wiser to seek a resolve as the Bible says in Proverbs 15:22, “Without counsel purposes are disappointed: but in the multitude of counsellors they are established.”, with the pastor, or with the ministers and spiritual leaders over you and or your pastor.
I have also seen what a stagnant church looks like, where seasons of growth are few and far between. We do not have time to be stagnant. A pastor can be so fired up and ready to outreach all the time, but if he is the only one, it begins to draw heavy upon his heart and spirit. Church shouldn’t be comfortable. Church shouldn’t be a grave, or a final resting place for you and your loved ones. Yes, please get in a church and stay there, and worship, and fall in love with Jesus… but reach people. Not once, not twice, all the time. My pastor is pushing for revival, as God has said He will pour His Spirit out in the last days. How is the kingdom going to grow if you are choosing to be selfish with the gospel? The Bible says the rocks will cry out if we don’t, and believe me I have plenty of reasons to worship God, so why not do so in your outreach also?
I see value in raising your kids in the church and in growing the church that way. My late great grandmother came into the church when she was 16, and not only got saved, but won her parents, the man she would marry, and helped raise 3 generations of Godly, Holy Ghost filled men and women. She not only helped raise them, but led by example, and would outreach as often as she could, even up until her passing, where she witnessed to the nurses and doctors the night before she went on to her reward.
There is nothing wrong with being in church, or raising your family in church, or wanting to save seats for those you love. But God loves them just as much as He loves you. So why should you be selfish with such a wonderful gift, when you could be reaching your world and changing the world? Stop saving seats, and start saving souls. If you won 1 person every month, that would be 12 people who get to go to heaven. You do that for the rest of your life, and hundreds will be impacted just by you alone. Take the time to tell someone about God today. God bless you

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