What Is Allowed In Your Home?

By: Layne Pass

In recent years, the vulgarity and wickedness found in the media has left many adapting to what they will allow in their home, while others have chosen to remove media from their home entirely. The matters of what you view, only becomes an issue if it is wicked, or if it is overstepping the boundaries set by God.

To know where the boundaries are, you have to look at what is being played. A lot of people will watch horror films and scary movies for the adrenaline rush, but a lot of them involve demonic works, or spiritual wickedness. This wouldn’t be a problem, unless you don’t want demons in your house. That’s right, when you watch wicked things, you are inviting spirits in your house. This is not meant to be taken to an extreme, your house may not be haunted and you may not see it, but there is spiritual warfare going on all around us. If you pray, or worship God, you are inviting him into where you are in that very moment, for He is holy, and dwells I’m holy places. The same goes for Satan; for if you call upon his name, or do things of wicked intent, he is there. How are we to resist the devil so that he may flee as James 4:7 says, if we are continuously inviting him back into our home? This is why man you choose not to go to the movie theatre, as we cannot be mindful for this world to not show movies that may be wicked.

Psalm 5:4 Says, “ For thou art not a God that hath pleasure in wickedness: neither shall evil dwell with thee.”

Evil can’t even dwell with God. So if we seek his face and only allow holy things in our homes, we will have less to deal with on a spiritual level, and who doesn’t want God to dwell in their home?

This does not mean don’t allow sinners in your home. Jesus hung out with publicans and sinners, not to be with the “cool” kids or to be sinful like them. Instead, He was an example, and ministered unto them. I have had people enter my dorm at the college I attend, and feel something different than any place they had been before. It’s not that they weren’t spiritual, but if you only allow there to be a spiritual atmosphere about you, people will notice. So be an example, be mindful of what you watch, and remember, you could be the only Jesus people ever meet. God Bless