How Close Can You Get?

By: Layne Pass

As a young man, who is pretty active and always trying to find something today, I was given the job of picking up tables for our men’s breakfast. As I loaded my van, I saw that the tables hung over the edge by just 2 inches, and saw that there was something in the pouch behind my chair. It was my spare Bible, that I always keep with me just in case. I had to take out my Bible to fit the tables, because at that moment the tables were more important. Rest assured, I kept my Bible in my car, but that is how I got the topic for this article. How close can you get; or as I prefer to put it, how much room are you willing to leave for God, before you have to take him out?

We each have the opportunity to serve God, and live by the rules and guidelines set out by the Word of God, and to uphold standards, but when we start to allow sin, we can only have so much space for it. Your life is like an ATM, you can only take out of it what you put into it. If you are investing in the wrong things, it will most definitely be poured out into your life. That being said, if you have come into the truth, and know that Jesus is the answer, and will wash away all your sins if you give it to Him, then that is a very different case. When God takes your sin, it is like it never happened. There are lasting effects of sin, but these effects no longer matters to God when you give it all to Him. But, if you have come into the truth, and begin to walk away, you will find it is hard pressed to find good in your world. The worldly things you gave up once before, or are choosing to seek for the first time, may be inviting, and welcoming, but you should know that you cannot serve two masters. The Bible tells us:

“No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.” – Matthew 6:24

You may love the idea of going out, doing drugs and drinking, or fornicating on Saturdays and asking for forgiveness on Sundays, but know this. God will spew you from His mouth for being lukewarm, just as his Word says in Revelation 3:16. As you make room for the sin that you so desire, you begin to walk away from a loving Father, who bore our sins when He came down and died on the cross for our sins. This world has nothing good for you, and you will find there is no place like the home that we have found in Christ Jesus. Stop making room for your sin, but instead give it to God. He will give you the strength to overcome it, and you can live the life that God has been trying to bless you with.

That little, two inch thick Bible that is just sitting in your house, or your car, or your church, waiting for you to claim it in its’ entirety, and not just what you choose to believe, can be what saves your life. If you believe in repentance, and that God will forgive you for any sin, you must also believe that when you choose to sin, the consequences will take effect as well. Why choose death when God has already given you victory?

So take up your cross, and carry that Word of God, and allow the life changing scriptures to be written on your heart. Stop giving God your left overs, and start giving Him what is first. Wake up early, talk to Him, read His Words, and allow God to have an impact on your life. You can only get so close to a cliff before you fall, and I wouldn’t suggest testing those limits.