Killing Your Old Pets: How to Let Go and Form New Habits

Habits are a powerful thing. Habits are naturally occurring phenomenon that explain much of how the brain works. This function, when used correctly, is a God-given ability and improves our life and our ability to function in our lives. One way many refer to some types of habits is as a “pet”. The most widely used form of this is a “pet peeve”. A pet peeve is an annoyance that, over time, has taken on too much importance in your mind and that you focus on often. Another example is a “pet project”. This refers something that someone is extremely passionate about, sometimes even obsessed. Something that they see as far more important than the people around them.

Many of us in this life have picked up pet sins and bad habits. One that is often referred to is smoking, the rush of the cigarette is calming and it becomes a smoker’s coping mechanism for stress. This is but one example, there are far more that work in a very similar way.

Jesus wants us to be free from these bad habits and he wants us to have Godly habits. Paul wrote:

“Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” – James 4:7

The only advice that the Bible gives us in how to overcome is in this verse.

We must remain focused on the cross, or cross eyed, and we must center ourselves and our lives on Christ. This means we have a daily continuous relationship with Christ. We must build a routine that centers on Jesus! The thing is that daily submission to God will build those routines and those habits, too. This will overgrow our bad habits. When we declare God’s victory in our life and follow it up with discipline, He can and will totally wipe out the sin that takes us down. This will create a new habit, a new “pet” in our life whether that be prayer, Bible reading, or reaching out to an understanding brother or sister in the church. There are those who live life with praise and worship music playing at all times.

Let us never forget the sacrifice that Christ gave to us on the cross. Let us never turn away from the Logos, the Word of God, we have at our fingertips daily. We must, as Paul put it, renew our minds each and every day. Jesus has the answer to any problem you have in our life, you just have to be in communion with Him to receive it!