Testimony Time: My 15th Rebirthday!

By: Rebecca Chaulklin


It’s a story I don’t tell very often. It was August 3rd 2003. I had only been going to Living Word Church in New Berlin, WI for about a month. I remember standing at the back of the church, shy, and unsure. I prayed a silent prayer in my head. I told God “I don’t feel really saved. I don’t think I would make it to heaven if you were to come back today. I just want to feel saved.”

Not even a minute later Pastor David Meyer announced “I feel God telling me that someone wants to get baptized. Whoever wants to get baptized, you can get baptized next Sunday.”

Immediately, I felt a tingle go down my legs. I was so excited! I was determined to get baptized in Jesus’ name the very next Sunday. There was no doubt in my mind. No second guesses.

One week later, on August 10th 2003, I was 16 years old, I decided to commit my life to God. If God can answer the little silent prayers of a shy teenager, I know there’s no such thing as an insignificant prayer or insignificant person. It’s my 15 year baptismal rebirth day.

He has delivered me from depression, healed emotional wounds, gave me hope, showed me my value, taught me how to love myself and others, gave me purpose, and unending Joy. No matter how bad life gets, I can smile and know HE is in control. I can trust Him no matter what. I made a choice and never looked back. It’s been one of the best decisions I ever made.