John Crist, popular comedian, says “just shut up” about Lauren Daigle’s comments on homosexuality

Christian comedian John Crist told critics to “just shut up” after many people criticized Lauren Daigle for avoiding answering a question about her views on homosexuality.

The comedian, who is known for being blunt took to Instagram on Wednesday to address the recent string of criticism Lauren Daigle has been getting. He said, “Lauren Daigle, has done more for the kingdom in a year, then you will do in five lifetimes, I’m sorry.”

He continued asking his followers if they were not yet tired of the “Wow, I thought she was a Christian?” argument, calling it “shallow.”

In typical brash comedic fashion, Crist then joked that he “probably did 27 things yesterday that if you would have witnessed, you would be like ‘Wow, I thought he was a Christian.’”

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