Why I will not teach the Christmas Story again

Everyone loves a good story, right? With the right delivery, a story can be greatly entertaining. Or curling up reading a good story by the fireplace is a great way to pass the time.  However, I will not teach the Christmas Story again.

If you have never been to the Ark Encounter or Creation Museum, a part of Answers in Genesis in Kentucky, I suggest you make the trip. The Ark is actually built to scale, the same size Noah built his ark. The inside is incredible—if you have ever wondered how Noah fit so many animals in his ark, the Ark Encounter makes it clear, there was plenty of room. There may have even been room for more!

So what does the Ark encounter have to do with the Story of Jesus birth?

Well, one major premise of Answers in Genesis is the way the evolutionists target the very foundation of Christian Faith. If the enemy can convince us that the Book of Genesis is not true, then why would the rest of the Bible be true?

The history of Noah is full of sin, death and destruction, on a global scale. Why then is Noah’s Ark the theme of so many children’s areas and nurseries?  It doesn’t make too much sense to me. Think about the last time you saw a depiction of Noah’s Ark. You are probably thinking of a brightly colored painting, with a rainbow in the sky, a little boat, and a handful of animals standing on the deck of the ship, with Noah and his wife waving at you. That doesn’t exactly sound realistic to me.

Why I will not teach the Christmas story again

When we teach Bible Stories, we are setting the stage for some very subtle subconscious thoughts.  In The Story of Noah, we get the main points in the picture (the boat, the rainbow, two of every animal) but the representation is not very realistic.

A story, by definition, is a fictional narrative, a legend or a fable. In fact there is only one definition of the word story that I found includes a true or factual series of events. Other than that, the word story implies fiction, something not true. There is even one definition that means a lie or falsehood!

It was an eye-opening revelation to me. When we teach Bible Stories to our kids, we may be subliminally implying that the events we are talking about never happened.

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