A Supernatural ‘Miracle’ Took Place At Billy Graham’s Funeral, Anne Graham Lotz Shares

In a Father’s Day tribute, Anne Graham Lotz shared that the reason she was able to deliver remarks at her fathers funeral was due to the “supernatural equipping” of the Holy Spirit.

Lotz, reflecting on the funeral of the world-renown evangelist, her father Billy Graham, shared in a blog post that the only reason she was able to give a message at the funeral was because of a miracle.

On Father’s Day this past weekend, Lotz, who is the founder of AnGeL Ministries, shared that one of her “recurring nightmares is to find myself on a stage with people looking at me, yet I have no prepared message to give.”

She shared that in the months prior to her father’s death, she was told that she should prepare “any remarks I might be asked to give at his service.”

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