Armed Mexican Forces Stop Migrant Caravan

Armed Mexican government forces stopped a northbound caravan of Central American migrants after it crossed over the country’s southern border from Guatemala.

Reuters reported that the group of migrants met a collection of Mexican military personnel, immigration officials, and police after crossing near the town of Metapa in the southern state of Chiapas.

According to the Associated Press, the migrant column began at a border town and was headed to one of the main cities in the region when it encountered government forces who blocked the highway. Most of the migrants in the group complied with orders from immigration officials and got into vans, but some had to be wrestled to the ground, the report said.

The news comes as the short-term future of the trade relationship between the United States and Mexico hinges on the status of talks between Trump administration and Mexican government officials in Washington, D.C., which began the same day as the caravan interception in Chiapas took place.

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