Atheists cry foul after 18 high school football players get baptized on field

The Freedom From Religion Foundation complained high school football coaches in Chatom, Ala. were doing “illegal” activities last month when they oversaw 18 football players get baptized near the field.

One by one, Washington County High School players walked into a feeding trough filled with water from a garden hose, as a pastor baptized them “in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,” all caught on camera by a staff member of Chatom Baptist Church.

“What a blessing to end the school year like this,” one user wrote on Facebook. Another said: “Praise the Lord! This is awesome.”

But this late afternoon activity on a Thursday in May at Jordan-Wilcox Stadium, applauded and rejoiced by those in attendance, allegedly upset a community member in the town of less than 1,200. That person alerted the Wisconsin-based FFRF.

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