Congress is voting on a raise – for themselves

Congress is doing such a bang-up job managing the country that considering asking itself for a pay raise.

Democrats in the House are beginning to put together budget requests for 2020, Politico reports, and they’re considering breaking the “decade-long” Congressional pay freeze, which has kept Congressional salaries at a modest $174,000 since the state of President Barack Obama’s tenure.

The request would end the pay freeze and give Members of Congress a $4,700-per-year boost in pay to keep their salaries “current” with what the market apparently demands for legislators.

Members of Congress say the pay bump is only fair, and that they’ve been forgoing cost-of-living increases for a decade, even though they are guaranteed regular bumps in pay to coincide with “inflation” and hikes in “cost of living” expenses. The team authoring the measure calls the raise “modest.”

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