Gay Teen Fired From Dream Job at Christian Camp Over Sexuality

A teenager in Washington State who was fired from a Christian camp for being gay has spoken at the anguish of losing his dream job.

Local FOX affiliate KCPQ reported Jace Taylor had faced challenges because of his sexuality until he came out to his family last year. While his family accepted the teenager for who he is, Taylor faced discrimination from an employer after he was fired from a job with a Christian religious camp over his sexuality.

The 18-year-old has said he was barred from becoming a summer camp counselor by Firs Camps & Retreats, a Christian camps and conferences center in the Pacific Northwest, after the organization found out about his sexuality online.

“I was terminated based on my sexual orientation which was found out by social media,” Taylor said. “At first I wanted to bawl my eyes out because all of my life I’ve wanted to work as a Fir Creek camp counselor and make an impact in their lives like they did when I was younger,” the teenager added.

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