Hezbollah Armed, Ready to Strike Israel, if Iran-US Tensions Grow

With talk of possible U-S military action against Iran, there are questions about whether Israel might be dragged into any regional conflict because Hezbollah in Lebanon gets its money and marching orders from Iran.

From the Israeli side of the border the Lebanese villages look peaceful and pastoral, but it’s hard to imagine a well-armed enemy is hidden and possibly waiting to strike where yellow Hezbollah flags flutter just across the border.

“The fact that Hezbollah is involved in every aspect of life of the people in those towns on the other side of the border enables it to deploy such a huge and massive military infrastructure in south Lebanon,” said Res. Lt. Col. Sarit Zehavi, founder of the Alma Research and Education Center, an organization that seeks to understand the security challenges on Israel’s northern border.

The IDF estimates Hezbollah has hidden well over 100,000 rockets in these towns and villages in southern Lebanon.

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