Illinois district withdraws ‘Teaching Palestine’ course critics say was anti-Semitic propaganda

A Chicago-area school district came under fire for promoting a course for educators called “Teaching Palestine,” which officials eventually said was “one-sided.” Critics called it “anti-Semitic” propaganda.

The controversial course, offered by Teachers for Social Justice, covered the “Israeli occupation of Palestine and the Palestine liberation struggle,” according to a description obtained by the Jewish News Syndicate, or JNS.

Goals for the anti-Israel course include “concrete strategies for how to respond to Zionist professional developments and curricula or when parents/staff/others object to anti-Zionist curriculum.”

The course also offered “curriculum connections between Palestine and issues affecting our students, such as: state/police violence, the struggle for racial justice in the U.S., settler colonialism in Palestine and the U.S., access to education for historically marginalized youth.”

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