John Hagee, Fox News: Anti-Semitism has been dangerously rebranded – and it’s not just a Jewish problem

The month of May is wrought with meaning for the Jewish people. Days of remembrance, Holocaust Memorial Day, are followed by days of celebration marking Israeli Independence Day. This year, the month of May should have been particularly meaningful due to the victories that have been accomplished on behalf of Israel in the past year.

Israel celebrated her 71th birthday and the month of May marked the one-year anniversary since America moved its embassy to Jerusalem, but instead all of this was rightly overshadowed by yet another deadly synagogue shooting.

Earlier this month, the Associated Press ran a jarring, but accurate, headline, “Anti-Semitic attacks spike, killing most Jews in decades.” The news report covered research conducted at Tel Aviv University which found that, “assaults targeting Jews rose 13 percent in 2018.”

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