Leaked internal Pinterest documents show that it blacklists “Christian” and “Bible verses” from its auto-complete search suggestions

A new big tech insider leak from Project Veritas, an organization that exposes corruption in public and private institutions, has revealed that the visual search engine Pinterest is censoring the word “Christian” and various phrases featuring the word “Bible” (including “Bible verses”) from auto-complete in search. This auto-complete restriction only appears to be affecting Christian-themed searches and reduces the reach of Christian themed content across the site.

The auto-complete blacklist was uncovered by Project Veritas when an insider came forward and provided documents that show how Pinterest censors its auto-complete search suggestions.

One of these documents titled “Sensitive Terms Behavior” shows that Pinterest maintains an internal list of “sensitive terms” which are then blacklisted from various distribution features on the site such as auto-complete, search results, the trending section, and notifications.

According to this document, most of the Christian-themed words are marked as “Brand unsafe” which means they are removed from recommended/trending queries and notifications. However, searching for these words on Pinterest shows that they’re also blocked from auto-complete.

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