Miracle: ISIS Covered Christian in 20 Gallons of Gas, Lit On Fire 3 Times, Never Burned: Report

While many of us have been “through the fire and flames” at different points in our lives, one Iraqi Christian seems to have been forced into making the age-old adage his reality.

And he lives to tell the tale.

According to a new documentary by Sean Feucht and Bethel Music, an unnamed Yazidi man claims to have not been burned after Islamic State militants set him ablaze.

“The Yazidis… were really targeted by ISIS for genocide … they were raped, they were beaten, they were executed,” Feucht told Fox News. He helps victims of terrorism around the world through his nonprofit Light A Candle project. “ISIS didn’t even want to imprison them, they just wanted to kill them, wipe them off the map.”

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