National Rainbow Baby Day In The USA

August 22nd is National Rainbow Baby Day in the US. This is a special celebration with a note of solmenity. Mothers across the country unite in support of one another and share pictures of their kids wearing all sorts of rainbow-colored garb. My son, Shep, is a Rainbow Baby.

A Rainbow Baby is a baby born after a miscarriage. The trend isn’t new, but the proliferation of rainbow-themed baby clothes and photoshoots is – and I am here for it! Just look at these adorable sweet blessings!

I don’t want to bring the mood down a bit, but it’s important to talk about the significance of miscarriage and how it impacts women. Statistics show that 40% of pregnancies end in miscarriage – most of them so early that the pregnant woman doesn’t realize she’s expecting and thinks the miscarriage is a late period. My very first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage on April 20th. Just 348 days later, I gave birth to my son Shep.

After my doctor placed Shep on my chest, my husband and I locked eyes. We both started crying and I blurted out, “We wouldn’t have him if we had had our first baby!” In a way, the baby I never got to meet laid the groundwork for my perspective of motherhood and parenting, and the nearness and dearness with which I hold my children.

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