‘People Are Afraid’: New Effort Aims to Stop Violent Attacks on US Churches and Houses of Worship

WASHINGTON, DC – Dozens of faith leaders from around the country met at FBI Headquarters in Washington, DC recently to try and figure out how to put a stop to domestic terror attacks against houses of worship: not just churches but synagogues, temples and mosques as well. It’s being called an epidemic and faith leaders say they need more than just prayer.

“We want to have a welcoming church where people are really welcomed in, but then at the same token we have to have a secure place to worship,” said Mary Marr, founder of the Christian Emergency Network.

“People are afraid,” said meeting organizer John Cohen. Cohen is a Criminal Justice Professor at Rutgers University and Homeland Security Expert.   

“They’re afraid to go to mosque, they’re afraid to go to church, they’re afraid to go to synagogue,” Cohen said. “America over the past several years has faced an increasing number of acts of violence targeted at facilities and individuals because of the faith of those individuals.”

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