Pulse Nightclub Survivor says “I choose Jesus” to Homosexuality and Church to Repentance to LGBTQ Community.

Angel Colon lay on the ground of the Pulse Nightclub shot several times, in pain and bleeding, scared of the death that was falling all around him and cried out to the Lord again. He recalls “As I laid on the ground… I prayed to the Lord. And I started prophetically speaking [over] my life and said ‘Lord, I am not leaving this building dead tonight. You promised me that I had a purpose in life. You promised me that there was a ministry in my future. You promise my mom that [the] baby inside her womb was special and had a purpose in his life. So tonight I am not leaving here dead, Lord. I am leaving here alive. And when I leave here alive I am going to worship you for the rest of my life.”

And leave there alive he did. And now, when faced with sin, he states that he faces and says “I don’t want you, I want Jesus.”

The night of the Pulse shooting, Colon met Luis Javier Ruiz and now they travel the country telling their story and sharing the Gospel of Jesus in a ministry called Fearless Identity. They say “We have learned what true peace is. We have learned what true happiness is. We have learned what true love is in Jesus Christ, that our identity is not in our sexuality but it is in Jesus.”

They teach that a move of God is at hand among those that have been set free from sexual sin. They were both raised in Christian homes with Christian parents who prayed for them and never accepted the identity that they sinfully claimed for themselves. They say that their families prayed for them and finally, “It wasn’t a gay to straight thing, it was a lost to saved thing.”

They stood at an event they called the “Freedom March” in Washington, DC on May 25, 2019 and they stated on more thing. To the LGBTQ community that they spoke of freedom in Jesus to and that God’s forgiveness and freedom was available, they also said, “We want to ask forgiveness for how they have treated you. This is a new day, baby. And we’re coming in love, we’re coming in relationship. We’re coming with Jesus.”

What a truth that is. Homosexuality may be a sin, but our reaction to sin is supposed to be mercy and grace, not hate and rage. We should speak against sin in love and our anger should be a righteous anger aimed at sin, aimed at the enemy of our souls, but realizing that the lost are, well, lost. They’re dying, hurting, and so very, very alone.

So let us stand, and let us ask these lost souls and the Lord above to forgive us. Not because our message is incorrect, but because if our message was spoken in the name of hatred and not love, then our message was sinful and wrong. Let us stand in the name of Love, in the name of Truth, and in the name of God and let us state what He says and His love. For His love is life, and it is everlasting and immeasurable.