Rival gang members risk lives to get baptized together in prison: ‘They professed the same Lord’

Five rival gang members risked their lives to get baptized together in Coffield Prison in Texas just six months after Gateway Church in Dallas opened a campus within the maximum-security unit.

“Yesterday at our Coffield campus, we were able to do something that no church has ever been able to do in the history of this prison,” Niles Holsinger, Gateway Coffield Prison campus pastor, said in a Facebook video Monday. “And that is water baptize men from what’s called administrative segregation, a section of the prison that has the most violent felons, violent inmates of the whole prison.”

In Coffield Unit, which houses 4,200 criminal offenders, there are men so dangerous and violent, they spend 23 hours a day confined to their cells, Holsinger said. “These guys cannot be around other people. They cannot be around friends, they cannot be around family.”

But on Sunday, the prison asked Gateway Church pastors and volunteers if they would water baptize several men who had made a decision to follow Christ.

“Five men were escorted into the gymnasium, each one shackled hand and foot and around the waist, and escorted by a guard that would not remove their hands from their arm until they were placed, picked up and put shackled in the water baptism tank,” Holsinger said.

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