Wiccan Professor Sues Catholic University for Religious Discrimination

A college professor in western New York is suing the Catholic university she woks for, claiming the school discriminated against her because she is a Wiccan.

In a suit filed last month, Pauline Hoffman, a journalism professor at St. Bonaventure University in Allegany, New York, claims administrators at the 161-year-old Franciscan college pressured her to resign as dean of the communications school because they had a problem with her religion. Hoffman, 49, also alleged St. Bonaventure denied her a promotion to provost, the college’s highest academic post.

She’s seeking the reinstatement of her job, as well as lost wages, reimbursement of medical costs for therapy, and an unspecified amount in damages for pain and suffering.

Hoffman, who still teaches at St. Bonaventure, says the staff knew of her faith early on, but balked after she discussed Wicca on the student television station in October 2011.

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