Baylor Pressured to Allow LGBT Activist Group That Breaks the Rules

The oldest continually operating university in the state of Texas chartered by the Republic of Texas in 1845 through the efforts of Baptist pioneers is being pressured to charter an LGBT student organization.

In an op-ed published by The College Fix on Tuesday, Zachary Miller, a student at Baylor University, writes about the pressure being applied on the university by various media organizations, including the Houston Chronicle, Dallas Morning News, Texas Tribune and Newsweek, to charter the LGBT student group, Gamma Alpha Upsilon, or GAY.

Miller claims the common theme seen through all of the media outlets articles is the claim that GAY wants official status on campus to meet and express themselves peacefully, but Baylor is unjustly discriminating against them.

He also asserts this expressed claim is completely false. GAY regularly acts in defiance of the university’s rules for student organizations, according to Miller. 

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