Does Facebook’s Civil Rights Audit Target Free Speech?

CBN – Facebook recently released the results of its civil rights audit in an effort to fight hate speech on its platform.

The company said it is rolling out the updated guidelines to prevent harmful content, fight discrimination in Facebook Ads, and protect the 2020 Census and Elections from intimidation.

The audit, headed by former ACLU director Laura Murphy, includes the demands of 90 liberal organizations.

Many say the new policies take direct aim at conservative speech on Facebook.

“Sheryl Sandberg just announced that she is allowing the ACLU and 90 left-wing organizations to dictate nearly every aspect of Facebook’s policies, Media Research Center President (MRC) Brent Bozell said in a statement.  “This will let the left dominate the most powerful social media platform on the face of the earth. That raises significant legal and statutory issues that should worry both left and right.”

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