Federally Funded Evangelical Foster Agency Still Won’t Accept Jewish Or Queer Volunteers

A federally funded Christian foster agency in South Carolina has decided to open its doors to prospective foster parents and employees who aren’t evangelical Protestants ― but the organization’s ban on working with people who are LGBTQ, progressive Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu or from other faiths remains intact.

Greenville’s Miracle Hill Ministries, the state’s largest foster care organization for children who don’t have significant special needs, previously had strict rules about only hiring and working with foster parents and volunteers who subscribe to a set of conservative evangelical principles. In practice, that meant even Catholics were reportedly rejected by the ministry.

Last week, the organization announced that, “for the sake of unity among followers of Jesus Christ,” it was tweaking its policies to welcome Catholics and other Christians who affirm its doctrinal statement as employees and foster parents.

“For Miracle Hill, embracing Christians who share our beliefs simplifies our affiliation process while protecting core values and doctrinal consistency,” Miracle Hill’s president, Reid Lehman, said in a statement. “It’s the right thing to do.”

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