Israel unveils ancient road ‘where Jesus walked’ to temple

Fox News – Israel officially opened a stairway, known as “Pilgrim’s Road,” that Jesus is believed to have walked on in ancient Jerusalem as another place with the significance of “biblical proportions” to billions, especially for Judeo-Christian visitors to the Holy Land.

The City of David Foundation unveiled the 2,000-year-old main thoroughfare from Roman-era Jerusalem that it says served pilgrims ascending to the ancient Jewish Temple from the Pool of Siloam built by King Hezekiah. Until recently, it was hidden under a potato field and discovered by accident in 2004 after a pipe burst.

The Trump Administration celebrated the new unveiling that took place a little over a year after President Trump officially opened the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem with a ceremony Sunday attended by U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman and three other visiting American ambassadors as well as Trump’s Mideast negotiator, Jason Greenblatt, and Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C.

“It brings the Bible back to life,” Friedman told Pete Hegseth, who has a special on “Fox Nation” about the newly discovered road. “From a sewage pipe that burst 15 years ago came these excavations that resulted in the discovery of the Pool of Siloam, where all the Jewish pilgrims would come and cleanse themselves before ascending to the Temple and then an entire road, not a relic, not an antiquity, but an entire road intact from that pool ascending to the Temple..”

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