‘Shackled’ and ‘beaten’: An inside look at China’s ‘concentration camps’ for Muslims

The Chinese government recently allowed journalists to tour high-security facilities housing countless Muslim religious minorities in an attempt to paint institutions that the U.S. government labels “concentration camps” as “training” schools helping terrorists get on the right path. 

In a documentary last month, BBC reporter John Sudworth highlighted his experiences as one of just a few journalists the Chinese communist government allowed to tour selected “training education” centers built throughout China’s far-west Xinjiang province.

Over the last few years, the Chinese government received much international criticism for building a network of centers that have been used to imprison as many as over 3 million Uighurs, Kazakhs and other non-Han Chinese Muslim minority communities that have called the Xinjiang province home for centuries. 

“China used to deny that these places exist. But now we are being given a tour. The message: these are schools not prisons,” Sudworth said. 

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