The Lousy Excuse for Why Churches Don’t Grow

Growing up we’ve always heard that the Truth makes us free, but we’ve also heard people don’t actually want to hear Truth. Truth in this sense is speaking of the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. I want to counter a position that is so widespread, but seems largely grounded in assumption. Here is the lousy excuse that is used to allow our churches to not grow:

I know Truth isn’t popular, but people are starving for truth. Remember the city in Samaria where a woman called the whole town out? That set up a revival with Philip later in the book of Acts. A whole town wanted to hear Truth.

There will be those that don’t like it, but once again, there are so many people that are starving for a move of God. Don’t give me, “Well, they just don’t like standards. They don’t like being told that they’ve got to be baptized in Jesus Name to be saved.”

Most of the time the reasons our churches are small are because of lack of wisdom, knowledge, organization of the church service, and bad approach.

Bad Approach

Here is what I mean by bad approach. In Kentucky, they raise these pastures of horses. Often, there will be a fence running parallel with another fence. The reason for the double fence is because there are valuable horses inside the fences. If you see a single fence, that means that the horses aren’t that valuable.

2 Corinthians 4:7 says we have this treasure in earthen vessels. The treasure is the Holy Ghost, biblically. The treasure is supposed to be the Holy Ghost, but we’ve made the fences (standards) the treasures. We celebrate people doing the right things but forget the treasure.

Organization and Evangelism

I get doing your best with what you got as far as music, sound, etc. I come from a small church that was once large, and I’ll be the first to say that some of the reasons the church was small was because of a combination of all of the reasons I mentioned.

Doing our best in organization in church service is as vital to the Truth as anything.

Some churches still have a 1995-style of outreach in a 21st century world. Some just don’t know how to execute efficient evangelism, outreach, greeting, or organization. Then, in order to validate themselves it often comes back to the argument of the “the truth.”

The truth makes you free. If the truth condemns people to the point that they feel unwelcome or rightfully offended by the approach, that’s not Truth.


We have to stop blaming the Truth for our inefficiencies. 

Also, I don’t want this to feel like an “attack the small church” post. Every church was small at some point. That’s a fact. I know of large churches that cannot/will not reach their communities, and that is just as bad. It becomes an “exclusive club” whether it’s a large church or a small church.