Thomas Jefferson’s Home Town Trashes His Birthday

DailyWire – On Monday, in Charlottesville, Virginia, Thomas Jefferson’s home town, the city council voted 4-1 to eliminate celebrating the birthday of the author of the Declaration of Independence and the founder of the University of Virginia.

The closest working day to Jefferson’s birthday (April 13) used to be an official city holiday for workers in the city government; it will now be replaced with a day called Liberation and Freedom Day on March 3. According to, “… March 3, 1865, Union troops under Gen. Philip Sheridan arrived in the area under orders to destroy the Virginia Central railroad line, cutting off Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee’s supply line to the Shenandoah Valley. Sheridan occupied the city until March 6, and many slaves used the occupation to free themselves.”

Yahoo News reported that the city council “created a second bonus holiday as replacement for Jefferson Day, which had been observed by the city for at least 74 years.”

The idea of replacing Jefferson’s birthday with Liberation and Freedom Day was proposed by Mayor Nikuyah Walker in June; Councilor Wes Bellamy said he was “proud” of Walker, adding, “I think it’s a conversation that we definitely as a city need to have.” Bellamy also asserted that Jefferson “raped Sally Hemings,” one of Jefferson’s slaves. According to WHSV, Bellamy had previously stated, “Thomas Jefferson already has 365 holidays and I do think that is the case here in Charlottesville. You literally can’t go anywhere within our city without hearing or seeing a reminder of Thomas Jefferson.”